Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost but not found things2...

On to the Novelist...this is definately a plus. Not only does Novelist offer you a list of books but they show me pictures as well. When book talking books for any age it is great to have a way to look for books in the same genre and age level. I like the fact that I can even email myself a list of books. I first looked for Teens with a distinct flavor of Canadian Fantasy and came up with several one that I had previously read and wasn't even aware of its origins. The amount of information offered is equally as important. The professional reviews all in one place are a good start,but the subjects under which a book of this type may be found broadens my means of locating others like this book when I am searching for teacher collections! Definately one I will be referring back to more often.

Lost but not found things...

I thought my computer skills had progressed over the last 25 years but I guess I am still not saving or deleting needed information. So let me go back and reprise my thoughts on Podcasts and Novelist.
So I went in search again of Podcasts I might make use of over time. I searched Books first, and found a couple that interested me. One I saw was a reading of book about Nellie Bly: Ten Days In a Madhouse. All I can say is better her then me,especially back then. Another were a couple of books by Edgar Allen Poe. Both of this focused on a single photo while orally sharing the books. Then I went in search of Librarians and found a couple very interesting sites one was for Teacher Librarians which was more of a blog then a Podcast. I went to and to the Educational Broadcast as well. I understand the function behind a Podcast as a way of keeping us up on information we may need or subjects of which are of an interest to us. In the past I have subscribed to a few that focus on a subject such as creating a website for a class. Now I can see using it to keep up with not only technology and how to do things but also for book trailers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Did I Learn...Let Me Count The Ways

Oh, yes, 23 things and a lot more. I enjoyed exploring and revising some of the different things that I had worked with before. Seeing tech through someone else’s eyes is most often gratifying. Oh, my main concern is still no audio books for download for teens and children. But I still enjoy the convenience of NetLibrary. I wasn't so good with Wikis so this was an interesting peek in the window. I really enjoyed the Blog visits and the learning how to add video to sites without swallowing up my computer space.
I also enjoyed spending time with Flicr. The endless photos were grand and just what some kids are looking for when doing their homework.
Computers and the Internet have come such a long way. When I first began using computers we had reel to reel storage, mono screens and we had to dig deep to find information simply using a keyboard. When I met Mosaic I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Even as much as I use the computer, I didn't realize how behind I was on some of the newer innovative informational sites. So thanks for being me into the late twentieth century and now I hope with your next stroke of genius training sessions I can get to where the kids are today.
Personally, I thought the program was well paced. I just needed to pick up my pace a little more. I'd say the next step would be gaming but than I am sure some of us wouldn't get a thing done and be chomping at the bit waiting for our next lesson. I found the self paced, set deadlines work well for me. It worked with my crazy scheduled very well. Now do you want to tackle Genealogy? I get questions for that all the time.

Thank you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Reading isn't always easy...

I recently finished the second book in a trilogy that really captured me. It isn't happy but it is very well written and has a very different type of story so I recommended it to Joe Patron on Good Reads. The book is the second book entitled Beautiful Darkness by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia.

I am trying out the BookLetter feature and have subscribed the Teen Scene and Children's Chapter books, since I am no longer on the selection committee this might help me to keep up with the latest in these books that are arriving in the system that don't make their way to Shawnee shores.

With children's materials, I get a number of heads-up email from, Childlit Listserv that I belong to and my weekly visits to the bookstores. Sometimes I feel like an airport whose Control Tower staff has gone to sleep. I get so much email both at work and personal it seems that I may never catch up. So I like the hands-on/eye contact with books more often, in this way I don't only see the cover or read someone else's opinion. Reviews are helpful but I like to see the book at well. And finally, I listen to what my kids and teens say about books they want to read or have recently read to get a better idea about what is popular.

WWW - What's With Wikis

Okay, so I stepped in and created, accidentally and new subject for our Wiki entitled Teens Rule! when I really only wanted to add to Favorite Books. My point being that sometimes teens can be very opinionated about books and don't mind voicing their opinions, especially when adults wreck a favorite book by making a bad movie.
My choices for a favorite trilogy is Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. And to add a little interest in the series I inserted the book trailer from Beautiful Darkness, the second book.
I looked at a few of the wikis, like Muppet Wiki, the Narutopedia, Bookshelf Fantastica and the Library Success. I liked the bright Muppet informational site with its photos straight out of the past. The Nautopedia would definately be a plus, a way of catching up on the series without having to set down with the set. The Bookshelf on the other hand is an expample of your eyes being bigger than you stomach. Someone made a nice start but have not worked on it in a while. This would make a good example of what not to do. It is nice to see a website that offers some suggestions of programming for librarians at the Libary Success wiki. All in all an interesting view into Wikis that I hadn't spent much time viewing.

More eAudiobooks

J.D. Robb, aka Nora Roberts, is one of the few adult authors I enjoy reading or listening to on audio so I found Immortal In Death by her. EAudiobooks can vary greatly in the amount of time it takes to tell the tale. This one is 11 hours and 35 minutes long from start to finish. Because the audio is offered in both CD quality and Radio quality downloads, I have to make a choice of where I will be listening to the audio book. Since for this one I would be listening to it on my MP3 player I will download it in CD quality, 162 MB, it is a larger file but the sound is better at this level on an MP3.
For the most part I subscribe to, for which a montly fee is charged. I can listen to my audio chooses, teen and childrens, on my iTouch, Apple or MP3 player. In the past the subscription for NetLibrary at LFPL had a nice variety of downloadable teens and children's books, this is no longer the case. Listening, like reading, is about choice after a while you would stop going to a library that didn't stock your favorite types of books or authors. Netlibrary unfortunately, doesn't stock Children's or Teens books for LFPL.