Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost but not found things...

I thought my computer skills had progressed over the last 25 years but I guess I am still not saving or deleting needed information. So let me go back and reprise my thoughts on Podcasts and Novelist.
So I went in search again of Podcasts I might make use of over time. I searched Books first, and found a couple that interested me. One I saw was a reading of book about Nellie Bly: Ten Days In a Madhouse. All I can say is better her then me,especially back then. Another were a couple of books by Edgar Allen Poe. Both of this focused on a single photo while orally sharing the books. Then I went in search of Librarians and found a couple very interesting sites one was for Teacher Librarians which was more of a blog then a Podcast. I went to and to the Educational Broadcast as well. I understand the function behind a Podcast as a way of keeping us up on information we may need or subjects of which are of an interest to us. In the past I have subscribed to a few that focus on a subject such as creating a website for a class. Now I can see using it to keep up with not only technology and how to do things but also for book trailers.

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