Monday, April 11, 2011

More eAudiobooks

J.D. Robb, aka Nora Roberts, is one of the few adult authors I enjoy reading or listening to on audio so I found Immortal In Death by her. EAudiobooks can vary greatly in the amount of time it takes to tell the tale. This one is 11 hours and 35 minutes long from start to finish. Because the audio is offered in both CD quality and Radio quality downloads, I have to make a choice of where I will be listening to the audio book. Since for this one I would be listening to it on my MP3 player I will download it in CD quality, 162 MB, it is a larger file but the sound is better at this level on an MP3.
For the most part I subscribe to, for which a montly fee is charged. I can listen to my audio chooses, teen and childrens, on my iTouch, Apple or MP3 player. In the past the subscription for NetLibrary at LFPL had a nice variety of downloadable teens and children's books, this is no longer the case. Listening, like reading, is about choice after a while you would stop going to a library that didn't stock your favorite types of books or authors. Netlibrary unfortunately, doesn't stock Children's or Teens books for LFPL.

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