Thursday, June 20, 2013

Counting Fish - Storytime rhyme

       This is a finger rhyme, can be a flannel board or as you
see, I created a sort of mask that a child could use to become
the octopus as the audience recites the rhyme. A simple drawing, was
a coloring page from, cut out of foam board.

Rhyme - Octopus is Sleeping

An octopus is sleeping, (palms together, nest to side of head)
At the bottom of the sea.   (pat the floor)  
Her eyes are closed up tightly, (eyes closed)
She can't see you or me. (shake your head "no")

But if she senses danger, (turn head from side to side)
Her eyes will open wide. (open eyes wide)
Then she'll quickly swim away (use arms make swimming motion)
Back to her den to hide. (hands over head to hide)