Friday, February 18, 2011

Testing the Waters of Blogs

After duly checking out the three blogs offered for our perusal, I have found two that I would make use of
both for different reasons. - This website is visiually easy to read, while the knowledge she imparts is both informational and intriguing. It captures the attention first because some of it may directly impact my work such as the info about keyloggers and than articles about that statisfy my curiousity, such as the library in New York City that was an apartment building. Short and to the point. Quick reads. - Dewy blog, does what all expert librarians are supposed to do in the Library World, it catagorizes information. There is a lot of information here and it takes time to sort through it. As a resource to help patrons better understand Dewy, this is a good start.
I will be checking back in periodically with both of these blogs to see what's up, how I can make use of them  to assist my patrons and further enhance my own knowledge.

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