Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Reading isn't always easy...

I recently finished the second book in a trilogy that really captured me. It isn't happy but it is very well written and has a very different type of story so I recommended it to Joe Patron on Good Reads. The book is the second book entitled Beautiful Darkness by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia.

I am trying out the BookLetter feature and have subscribed the Teen Scene and Children's Chapter books, since I am no longer on the selection committee this might help me to keep up with the latest in these books that are arriving in the system that don't make their way to Shawnee shores.

With children's materials, I get a number of heads-up email from, Childlit Listserv that I belong to and my weekly visits to the bookstores. Sometimes I feel like an airport whose Control Tower staff has gone to sleep. I get so much email both at work and personal it seems that I may never catch up. So I like the hands-on/eye contact with books more often, in this way I don't only see the cover or read someone else's opinion. Reviews are helpful but I like to see the book at well. And finally, I listen to what my kids and teens say about books they want to read or have recently read to get a better idea about what is popular.

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