Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Did I Learn...Let Me Count The Ways

Oh, yes, 23 things and a lot more. I enjoyed exploring and revising some of the different things that I had worked with before. Seeing tech through someone else’s eyes is most often gratifying. Oh, my main concern is still no audio books for download for teens and children. But I still enjoy the convenience of NetLibrary. I wasn't so good with Wikis so this was an interesting peek in the window. I really enjoyed the Blog visits and the learning how to add video to sites without swallowing up my computer space.
I also enjoyed spending time with Flicr. The endless photos were grand and just what some kids are looking for when doing their homework.
Computers and the Internet have come such a long way. When I first began using computers we had reel to reel storage, mono screens and we had to dig deep to find information simply using a keyboard. When I met Mosaic I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Even as much as I use the computer, I didn't realize how behind I was on some of the newer innovative informational sites. So thanks for being me into the late twentieth century and now I hope with your next stroke of genius training sessions I can get to where the kids are today.
Personally, I thought the program was well paced. I just needed to pick up my pace a little more. I'd say the next step would be gaming but than I am sure some of us wouldn't get a thing done and be chomping at the bit waiting for our next lesson. I found the self paced, set deadlines work well for me. It worked with my crazy scheduled very well. Now do you want to tackle Genealogy? I get questions for that all the time.

Thank you.

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