Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who read this book before me?

Books should not be stuffed on a shelf , never to have their spine cracked. They are meant to be shared, read aloud, read in silence, reviewed and talked about. They can make memories of times you shared it with someone else, bring memories to life through share experiences within the story, give you hours of entertainment or bring you knowledge. Collectors will tell you that a pristine book is a collectable book. I say one that has an inscription, a date and name or a memories are the most collectable. Who had this book before me? What did they see in it? What did the story say to them? If you fear marking a book up...wait until you have finished reading it then, if you choose to keep it make a note in it about your experiences, your thoughts, who you shared it with. If you don't choose to keep it write up a short note and just leave it in the book, whether you donate it or resell it. There are those readers who would enjoy catching up on the history of the book. If only a book could talk, what could we learn about its history? There is even an Inscription Project where you can see some of these inscriptions. You can find it here for now. April 25, 2013.


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