Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bad reviews

Please remember that not all readers like the same thing. After gushing over a book that I loved, a teen novel written by a British author, to my boss she read it, then promptly told me that it was junk and that my reading fare was either junk or really great literature. Opinions vary. Because people don't read books the same way, it's all in what you are looking for when you pick up a book to read. I want a good story. I can get by with writing that is simply stated, or one that is very descriptive as long as the story holds my attention, and sometimes it doesn't take much. I have read books that I didn't care for, but didn't totally pan them, most of the time. I work with teens and children so I do believe there is an audience for books with less than five star reviews. Not everyone sees a storyline in the same way. As a reviewer I try to find something positive about any book I read, clarify what I found unsettling in the book and let the reader make their own choice. When checking reviews for books I would like to read, I dismiss those that are couched in angry tones. After all why should you be angry about reading? It makes no difference if you hated a book or loved it you stretched your reading skills and therefore got something out of it. Do I recommend everything I read to my children and teens, no. If I feel that the author missed the target audience stated by the publisher, I will say so and may suggest a younger or older audience age.

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