Monday, January 2, 2017

Flyaways - found in books

     Over the years, I have haunted used book stores, worked in one and for almost 40 years  I have worked in libraries. In all that time the things I have found in books didn't strike me as something I should be interested in for the most part. That is until I found a book filled with copies of old recipes found in books by a dealer in used books.
      So I started looking at the things I found in library books along with things I found in used books I purchased. They made me smile some of these make shift book marks. If the readers were like me, not all were meant to hold your place in the book. Instead the book was just a convienent place to hold a note, post card, mail, photo, etc. that I had in my hand at that moment and than forgot about.
       I decided this was something that I might make a fun display for curious children and adults. So I sent out a message around the library and on one of my listservs to see what others might have found. And people started to send me things. So far my favorites are ordinary library date due cards long forgotten in book pockets no longer in use by the library. One was dated all the way back to 1942 and another not so far back 1968, oh and yes a post card from a far off country.
    To my surprise and delight, like a child that thinks he discovered the Little Dipper in the sky only to realize that people have been talking about it for years, I found blogs about things found in books, articles, photos and others who have been collecting for years. I also found they have a name "flyaways" someone said it is an old term from the book trade, still searching for info.

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