Monday, January 2, 2017

Pamphlet designed to offer web sights with information for the
most popular Harry Potter at the time. It became a tri-fold.  8/2000               
Storybear who introduced stories I wrote

As I was going through some old, very old, files I found some things I created when the software was available to create your own web pages. Most were geared towards library programs or information that pointed the reader towards websites that offered craft ideas, articles about reading with children, how to setup a story time and more. These were long before Pinterest came online.
But sometimes I think remembering how we used to do things that are now a simple click away, still helps to stretch your imagination leading to a new way to doing something. When you reach a block sometimes a simple picture, suggestion or brainstorming session with others are the only push you might need. Then give yourself some time to explore these new ideas to develop original crafts, storytime or simply another way to do something.
                 If nothing else, I hope these will make you smile.

Diagon Alley 8/2000

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