Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feast for the eyes

Flickr certainly offers some of us a lot of entertainment just looking at the photos. The range of colors and images alone could keep me busy for a long time. I am always fascinated at what others see when they train their camera on an object. You could create whole stories just from what others have captured in their frames. I uploaded a photo from our renovation of Shawnee for all to see and will add one or two more as we get closer to finishing.
The World Map is a whole other world! I searched Children’s Museums in Ireland, Australia, England and Japan with some interesting results. In Australia, I got five hits but only one real children’s museum photo taken outside. In Japan there was an Anpanman, flying superhero, museum and a children’s playground at Hakone Open-Air Museum which I am ready to visit or recreate in our library at once! Then I moved on to Children’s Libraries. In Ireland, they looked pretty much like our modern library children’s areas. But in Japan, I am ready to learn Japanese and apply for a position at the International Library of Children’s Literature. It is exquisite, painfully so!
Spell with Flickr - there was some fun for me while coming up with signage for storytimes. The Color toy with Flicr focused in on photos of one color with made me think of some of our programs for children on color.
All in all the pictures are a treat for the eyes. As to how we might use them, well that's a little more touchy since the photos all have copyrights. For our patrons this makes a grand place to store photos they have taken, would like to share with others or would like to keep in a safe place, maybe, a bank vault for their photos. As part of a program I could probably come up with more uses for Flicr.
For now I will just settle for looking at the great photos.

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